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Bengal Tiger


Streetwear Aesthetics

Man and woman standing wearing Japanese Cyberpunk T-Shirts by CyberDezignz
New Drop
Japanese CyberPunk
Japanese Streetwear meets Cyberpunk
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Moonlight Embroidered Hoodie
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Go Away Shirt

For the times when you want to be left alone or really want to focus without distractions, this design sends a message loud and clear.

Kitsune Embroidered Hoodie

Foxes, or "kitsune" in Japanese, play a significant role in Japanese folklore. They are often portrayed as clever and cunning creatures with the ability to shape-shift into human form. This embroidered hoodie represents the Kistune in a minimal yet significant way.

New Embroidered Hoodies


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Bengal Tiger

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Japanese Art Shirt

This Premium Cotton Shirt pays tribute to Hiroaki Takahasi (1871-1945). We combined two of his beautiful works on a single shirt in a portrait fashion.


Dragon Phoenix

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Sakura Koi

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Nine-Tailed Fox

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Asian Woman with Japanese Lion Guardian Komainu sweatshirt made by CyberDezignz


Lion Guardian Premium Sweatshirt

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Man standing wearing Japanese Sky Dragon black sweatshirt made by CyberDezignz

Sky Dragon

Sky Dragon Premium Sweatshirt

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